perfect timing


you had one job.

and yet.

despite all the preparations
despite the mind-organizations
you ended up at pho in Richmond;
cause it was perfect weather for soup
you ended up at a house concert for the cutest singer-songwriter couple duo;
cause it was the nice thing to do
fell in love again, yet another memory in tow,
witnesses galore,
and donuts galore,
cause donuts.
and smeyelz. ugh.
pauses and backward movement and french pastries

and yet.


“I love you”

Just a thought, plucked from the ethers of another long-drive conversation with Mr. Mark–

for lots of people, maybe salvation is kind of like the first confession of an out-loud “I love you.” like you’re really genuine, earnest, and you do mean it, but you also sort of don’t know what you’re talking about. and it’s only in living out the relationship post-“I love you” that you learn what love is all about. and how to do it well.

or something.



you know, I think it will just be a different kind of exciting, when the excitement of discovering the quirks and finding the fun facts slows a bit down. the second kind of excitement is the exhilaration of being known to Another, as well as Another can know you. there’s a certain thrill (excitedment + fear, in equal parts) to letting yourself be open to someone outside the membranes of your own heart (or journal or blawg or sister or what-have-you vulnerability outlet figures most prominently in your life) that really does require a living, breathing, question-asking, wonderment-expressing, opinion-holding, (usually) non-family-member Other Human Person, with their entirely unique set of past experiences and life-beliefs and sensory capabilities and personality preferences and modes of comfortable communication. through the unique point of view and observations of this OHP you get to learn about yourself in a wholly and slightly new way, too – answering their questions, basking in their positive feedback, worrying over the negative. and THAT is exciting. it’s sort of like getting to live life again, a little more organized and systematic in approach. maybe.

what a beautiful thing!

what a thrilling, and frightening, and awesome gift.

and! oh yeah, the fact that you’re doing the same for them. mm wow DATINGDOUBLERAINNNBOWWWW!!

He made me feel so clarified, so bright and exact, so moved…” –Great House, Nicole Krauss