“first day impressions”

yellow post-it-noted on August 4th, 2014:

  • people are super nice
  • B is soft-spoken but finger-clackety too >:)
  • emails are endless [this has gotten less overwhelming since Monday]
  • this pen is really good.
  • I need an organizational method for note-taking
  • Team: A (aka “Bonez”), S, K, C
  • 1 month goal — speak a full sentence in acronyms
  • there is a giant cardboard cut-out of Belle [complete with castle, complete with drawbridge & imagined mote] in my manager’s office


Endlessly naive, only having lived through two of the rest of the days of my professional life, I know, but I love this place so far. What kind of intersection is Finance and Ethics?! It does not exist. No, wait, it does! I have a job there!  Other kinds of magical intersections:

  • not-for-profit: the intersection of me + the parents
  • QC = communication “nexus” of the whoooooooole company. WOW!
  • undergrad uva + postgrad charlottesville
  • home-home + new sleepover pad
  • old friends + new connections

What a blessed little person I am. What a blessing to feel it in my cheesy, thankful grin every morning. 

& the intersection of the Binky and the workBag
& the intersection of the Binky and the workBag