March 2015: friendcation the first

a long weekend in Chicago with the inaugural friendcation groupsters. we were the perfect mix of enthusiasm and chill. somehow managing all the different levels and tramping all about this citay and having fun and eating some good food, too. thanks, Mark, for being our plan organizer and index-finger-in-the-air troop leader. thanks, Schoi, for being the chill anchor of our group, the flexible and ez-going glue of our diverse levels of enthusiasm (and for your delightful range of facial expressions that makes this photo series that much funner to go through). thanks, Priscilla, for your quiet well preparedness with the extra scarves and socks (am I making up the memory of you letting me borrow your scarf???). thanks, Gracie, for DECIDING TO COME WITH US, even so last minute, and Gracing (ho ho ho) us with your presence and your beautiful booties in these pics. thanks, Isaac, for being born so we could celebrate your (early) bday in style, for a moment of together in our postgrad apartness.

you all are lovely.