June 2016: mark and madison in Seattle and LA

June 4-12, 2016. Mark and Madison. special thanks to Christine.

I had the best time.

some favorite moments and thoughts:

  • eating knock-off gold fish (gold penguins…) pistachios like little squirrels instead of eating a real dinner at the airport because we wanted to save the eating out for the real trip. and feeling like poor babies but laughing all the time.
  • the best tartar sauce that came with the fish and chips, @ Fremont Sunday Market. which was the pleasantest surprise, cause when is tartar sauce ever so excellent??
  • crying actual tears at Kerry Park because the city, the bay, the Mt. Rainier were all too beautiful to behold. something to wonder about later: why is it that we cry at overwhelming beauty? sense of smallness? fear? particles in our eyes?
  • discovering the best cidery ever, impromptu-ly popping in and having the biggest cider adventure — so many flavors so little time. and closing out the bar with the bartender folks and their clean up clean up song.
  • rollerblading like true children of the 90s, along Alki Beach. racing with markling but running out of steam wayy fast, like the 20-something office worker I am. and stopping halfway for bubble tea that tasted like fake honeydew and summer sun.
  • finishing the whole cup of Elleno’s greek yogurt all by myself because it was a challenge and I had to prove myself. and secretly feeling a little sick afterwards but whatevs.
  • Bainbridge Island ❤ — so many mishaps but so much fun. ferried over, watching the afternoon sun glide across the sky, hopping off the boat onto a bus (at random!) but picking the “wrong” one that was taking commuters home to their homes. eventually found ourselves the only ones on; confessed to the bus driver we didn’t know where to get off. she took us around the island, telling us tidbits, and dropped us back off at the bus depot. more frolicking, a dinner of ketchuppy pad thai (smh, white people), and then powerwalked back to the ferry dock only to miss it just in time. laughed it off like the traveling champs we are and planned our itinerary for the day ahead, returning to Seattle on the next ferry and braving the night boat winds to take pictures and cry salty tears, amazed at the city-line of lights, lights, lights.
  • hilario goose butts waving scandalously in the air as we canoed around the lilypads and ducklings, UW Waterfront Activities Center!
  • chasing the sunset on our way to the Ballard sunset place on the bus. weird discussions with random locals that upset me but I think it was a good glimpse into humanity’s brokenness, too.
  • late-night sleepover conversations about liking people and being true to yourself. being too sleepy to remember the words the next morning. @ Christine’s, Redmond.
  • last-minute flight changes from Seattle to LA — dealing with it like champs and reservationing new tickets on the way to the airport like travel pros. no sweat. okay a little bit of sweat.
  • discussions about art and its complexity. agreeing that maybe we are either too dumb or too smart for dis. @ LACMA.
  • Arts District wanderings in LA and feeling so…LA. wondering about our alternate selves, if we had been losangelinos. would Mark have a tattoo? would Madison’s fashion confidence be a little more forward? would they have been tan, and honestly, as “successful” by East Coast standards? existential questions with a side of burgers, please.
  • Little Tokyo and scrounging for breakfast materials, resulting in two chocolate bars and a peach. sounds about right.
  • sample sale, true LA style, buying presents for father’s day with much excitement and not enough care for correct sizing. oops.
  • wondering, ironically, if this travel life was sort of a glimpse into marriage life — being stuck together 24/7 whether we were liking it or not; being grumpy in true hangry-madison style but being forgiven and then forgiving, in turn; managing mishaps and perfect timings together; planning meticulously and being spontaneous, too; and having the whole experience be so much more enjoyable because we were doing it all together. falling sorta in love…with all of this.