August 2016: mm in nyc

August 26-30, 2016: traveling for a conference and making a long weekend of it! did some special things (Broadway!) and some normal things (running in Central Park…pretending I live in the city!! hehe), felt like an adult at my first profesh conference (day 1, day 2) but was reminded of high school days, catching up with friends from what seems like ten lifetimes ago. Mark got a little sick by the end, and I think I have resolved to stay at hotels when the budget is being footed by someone else — but overall, a most excellent trip to the city that’s just close enough, just far enough away. [thank you.]

notes from New York:

  • inspiration from a church that provided cake bfast: look into volunteer opps where you are.
  • get a library card.
  • the first true stank eye for markling, who was brave/foolish enough to poke me at the height of the hangries.
  • inspo from the Strang: Neil Gaiman, Etgar Keret (new memoir!!), David Sedaris, C.S. Lewis, Le Petit Prince (en francais!), Jhumpa Lahiri, Junot Diaz, How to Ruin Everything by George Watsky
  • note to self: go to bookstores when in need of inspiration for reading material.
  • unrelated: buy some cards from TJ Maxx.
  • a random fave thing: when fellow English majors ask me for book recommendations, simply based on the fact that we’re both English majors and book appreciators. it makes me feel like we’re in a secret club of fellow lit lovers, and it’s also a little bit of an ego boost, because the question is loaded with that person’s judgment of you as someone with taste in literature worthy enough to investigate. it seems like a little thing, but it’s a little, powerful thing! allowing someone to direct the course of your leisure-reading life for the next chunk o’ time — especially in these postgrad days when we so often just don’t have the time to read for pleasure; especially when you’re such a slow, slow reader so that you’re effectively allowing this person to direct the course of the next WEEKS maybe MONTHS of your free-time reads by taking on their suggestions. anyways. it’s a nice thing.