5/5: cinco de mayo, appropriate exhaustion, toddler (?) on the roof

Joyful Friday!! This week was my off week in my alternating schedule, but I’m as exhausted as ever. But…that could also be explained by the fact that I’ve neatly replaced the devotion of my time and energies for running straight into more blogging and late-night thinking and reading. Which, amazingly yet unsurprisingly, has been soothing to my soul.

This day was the second of Cinco de Mayo celebrations at work — these people know how to party — and I ran on a stomach mediumly full of tacos. Mile three was, consequently, a struggly mix of taco burps and heartburn. But good! I finished my three miles.

Coming home to the soothing sounds of TTFA — new podcast love — I felt an exhaustion set in that was appropriate and unoverwhelming. Appropriate for how much work I had done this week, at the office and in my heart, and for how little sleep I had gotten in inverse correlation. Eyelids drooping as I turned onto my street, joyful at the prospect of a break from the weekday grind.

Mark joined me for a quick dinner at home. I repotted my falling-over plant (thank you, Quyen!). We petted Rogue a bit. Then we headed out to Annandale for a musical evening — KT had invited us for Fiddler on the Roof (Jr.), which really didn’t need that junior on the end to justify its lilness. It was really good! Full of impressive voices, enjoyable costumes, efficient stage management (go Anissa!).



I also got to hold lil JH, who had come with the rest of the Hoen fam — poor little guy was sleepy, tired, overwhelmed, but he let me hold him for a little bit anyways. Man, he is cute and good smelling. The best of baby-smelling babies.

Mark and I walked out into the May night, smiling and humming Fiddler songs and drove on in search of some place where we could hang out for a little while longer (MM, so sweet, was like “I just wanna spend more time with you,”) but found that the bakery we wanted to go to was already closed. Good thing our purpose of getting to spend a few more minutes together was already accomplished. 😉

I came home and ate ice cream with a little bit of shame because I had already eaten a slice of cake as dinner. Whoops. Then fell asleep with my lounge — NOT pajama — pants on because I was still trying to make some decisions about Saturday morning, coming so soon. In the end, I fell asleep in indecision, lights on (unintentionally) and earplugs in (intentionally) to block out the sounds of the raindrops drop drop dropping on the plastic cover over my lil basement window.