5/4: a moment of worship

Today was worship practice! Much like last week, I walked in droopy and tired from the week. That’s what happens by Thursday evening, folks.

But I left Jane’s apartment — our temporary (?) band practice venue these past coupla weeks — feeling uplifted and energized. 10 pm uplifted and energized is rare and precious.

We shared highs and lows of our weeks, and once again, there were unexpected parallels and opposites, too. I shared about sharing, and how that begot more sharing. Jane is going through sadnesses of her own, but…with much, much hope. (God is good.) Ben’s daily prayers give us insight into a life we look forward to, just unromanticized. Kiddos. Sleeplessness. Working-mom life. And all the grace that’s needed there.

And music.

Jane prayed these words about music during our close-out prayer time, and they ring true especially on this rainy night — that music is a gift from the Lord. That music is a voice we can use when words don’t reach far enough. That music — and worship — is a privilege.

We also talked about 5 songs — here’s one — and what we would write about if we were to write one ourselves. I couldn’t get “God’s ways are better than our ways” out of my head, a la Paul Zach, so I offered that up.

And now I sit at a quiet kitchen table, listening to the rain pitter pattering outside on the plastic covering over my lil basement window. Awash in Phil Wickham’s sweet, high-pitched voice.