5/23: generosity and real-deal goodness, Muchows edition

Mark and I were the only ones to reply yes to our small group meeting email this week, so Scott and Stef took us out to dinner — “just to celebrate you guys,” they said.

S&S are a power couple in the study of character. They lead our small group with grace and generosity, setting an example of a godly, healthy marriage just as a cherry on top.

This dinner made me realize that I’ve been pulling a major cynical mynical all these months of knowing them — wondering when (if?) we’d ever get to know the “real” them and not just the veneer of their seemingly perfect coupledom.


But Mark and I walked away from that dinner marveling at how genuine these people are. What you see is what you get — and I don’t think I’ve said that about anyone else I’ve known, ever.

We asked them if they could be our accountability partners in these last couple months until our wedding, and Scott actually teared up, saying, “You guys are on the right path.” I mean…TEARS in his EYES!! He is so cool.

We are blessed to know them. Our secret mission is to hang out with them more and become better friends, mahahaha.