5/18: dc sg, small but mighty

Today we helped Bryant pack up his family’s apartment into a pod — they’re moving away, across the country to another life, in the Pacific Northwest. Michal and the kiddos have already moved, leaving behind single pairs of shoes and unpacked toys, and Bryant is doing the last-minute cleaning and packing up of their lives. He will rejoin them after a cross-country road trip with the pod trailing behind.

Four couples, one baby, one guy in need of much help. Two large pizzas.

We descended on their little apartment “around the same time as small group” and jogged back and forth from the truck to the door, carrying boxes and things out and away to be packed in the pod, where Stef was coordinating the tetris-ing of a life’s worth of things.

Thirty (?) minutes in, a rain+hail storm descended upon us and we fought to ferry over just a few more boxes before letting is overtake us, running faster to spite the inclement weather. But when the pizza arrived, everyone decided that it was a good time for a breather anyway. 🙂

In some ways, it was a little worrisome — there was still so much stuff he hadn’t packed or sorted through. But in the end, I left with the feeling that our little group had come together to love this guy (and his family) well as we sent them off to their new life. #youareloved indeed.

There’s something special about that sense of purpose in the act of helping someone. I just remember running through the thickening pelting of the raindrops to carry one more thing over, smile wide on my face. Even after having come from a full and hectic day at work, I was rejuvenated and glad for the opportunity to serve this family in need of our help.