3/2: pho with Hana

Another weekday, another pho at Eden Center.

This is my friend Hana — but pronounced, truly, like [hahn-nah], cause…she a fob. The best kind. She’ll talk slowly and deliberately around English words she’s uncertain of, but she’ll impress you when she makes serious literary references in her mother tongue cause she’s well read in contemporary Korean lit.

We got pho this day and caught up on what life’s been like, and she charmed me all over again, like she does. Talking about wedding planning slash lack thereof (me) and of world travels, taken and planned (her). We decided that she’ll either get married really young to a dashing Korean(-American?) chap, her male counterpart, or never get married at all and live the coolest life as a well-traveled solo lady. Timelessly classic, never old. No cats for her cause they would just tie her down.

She loves soccer — playing and watching — and believes in the power of sports in cultural diplomacy. She’s gonna create and run the next version of the program where we met, the US Pavilion at the 2012 World Expo, but it’ll be cooler and even more inspirational. Also probably better organized and have better uniforms.

This is a friend whose number I wanna keep in my pocket not only because of all the cool stories I wanna hear from her five, ten, fifteen years down the road, but also because she is a sweet, warm soul who buys five bubble teas for herself and her roommate “to drink throughout the week” (the for-later ones containing jelly, not boba, of course).

Every time we chat, it reminds me of how excited I am to see what awesome things she’ll do in the world with all those cool ideas in her head and all that kindness in her heart.