3/11ish: bday bday, cont.

Mark’s birthday is three days after mine; extended celebrations ensue ❤

A weekend at homehome, complete with too much food and Binky photo opps, and then back home to a “hangout at Michelle’s” which turned out to include a surprise cake and a confetti popper. More food and many rounds of Catchphrasing later, I’m full of that feeling that’s familiar but should probably be “friendmiliar” in this case. It’s comfort and warmth and gratitude for being surrounded by people whose love cushions the corners of life that can be sharp and poky sometimes. People who ask about the mundane goings-on and people with whom you can plop down anytime for an easy little chat (and not-so-easy ones, too). People who aren’t bound to you like family but have chosen to be in your life and you, in theirs.

Thank you, thank you.