Friday, 1/20: brunch till dinner

Today the gang got together for a brunch flurry. TY Trump for getting inaugurated, and TY, infamous WMA traffic for getting us out of work. Sarah got stuck at the door because of some unforeseen and unfortunate bathroom timing issues and Grace got stuck behind a girl buying bananas one piece at a time at the grocery store, but we all made it to brunch at Ladison’s and ended up staying till dinner.

S brought the meats and G brought us fruits and Michelle brought her entire kitchen in a giant mixing bowl.

We cooked and chatted and ate and chatted and petted Rogue and chatted until literally dinnertime, when it was finally time to move onto the next meals of our respective and separate days, and then I missed them again the next day.

It’ll have to become a series, this brunch gathering, she decided.