Wednesday, 9/14/16: me day

11-untranslatable-words-maptia-6today I am taking a me day because the past…2? 3? months have felt like a nonstop ride of productivity + fun. which doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all. which is not a bad thing at all.

traveling, running, laundry-ing cause of all the traveling and running. spending time with friends, spending time with Mark, spending time planning to spend time with friends and Mark. going to weddings, shopping for weddings, thinking and writing about wishing I had time to reflect and write about weddings.  piling on books on the list of things to read, craving to read, never actually reading. taking pictures, emailing pictures, looking through pictures, reenforcing the grooves in the brain — these are the good times. these are the good friends. these are the moments for which to be grateful. feeling grateful. feeling not grateful enough.

it sounds simple enough of a life, but I am feeling kinda exhausted these days.

so today I am taking a me day. that means I only ran three miles (no strength) and decided not to do laundry. in bed by 8:30 but texting everyone like a fiend because I am an insatiable extrovert who just wants connection. how do I recharge? not to be all dramatic or anything, but like, I can’t even remember what that means.