Thursday, 9/15/16: building blocks. but not for a wall. maybe like a house.

the image of building blocks had been salient on the brain lately. like always, the image of [brick upon brick] comes up, again and again.

each good choice, each wise Yes or No, each day of virtuous decisions that builds to a string of one good week that stacks into a solid month that builds, taller and taller, to…even years, I guess.

but the word picture is not a perfect one, because it always ends up building just a wall — very 2D, my mind is. so I always have to backtrack from the metaphor, explaining, “you know, it feels like I’m building. brick by brick. like a very solid wall. but wait, not a wall but like, like…a house. or a foundation of sorts. uhhhhh yeah.”

why is it that the first instinct is to build a wall? is my brain so basic? is my subconscious feeling trapped? I feel like, what I really need…is a dream. 😴