Thursday, 10/13/16: this is Kelly


this is Kelly, my kindness accountability partner.

it’s not official cause that’s just my personal title for her, but I’ve given it because she inspires me to be kind in those daily opportunities to be seized.

this is Kelly. we talk about the preciousness of boring old Wednesdays, and we remind each other about the hope in the humdrum.

this is Kelly, and she inspires me to be thoughtfuller and intentionaler. she makes me wonder what it is about her kind of people that makes them so kind.

this is Kelly. she passes the Traffic Test with flying colors — makes me wish there was more traffic on our way home, just so we can continue the carversation. I held her hostage in my parking lot after an evening of hanging out this Thursday, just to pick her brains more more more about friendships and about working life and about relationships.

this is Kelly. I am grateful for Kelly.