[dts] Sunday, 10/2/16: little listlings


thing I am sad about:

  • this plasticky feeling on my tongue after eating an expired cup ramen. 1. yes, apparently cup ramen expires. 2. extra rage because the expiration date is definitely before my purchase date. but who keeps track of grocery store coupons from a month ago? not I.

thing I am excited about:

  • upcoming weekend, Providence here we come. we trust little SP with all the plan-making, so no googling will be done here. zippy dee dooo dahhhh!

thing I am inadvertently staying awake late to think about:

[dts, cause, the reasonless happies] things I am loving:

  • catsitting the Binks; he is a sweetheart when there’s nobody around to over-love him. he is a little purrball this whole weekend, whenever he sees me coming home.
  • the world. in general.
  • this cool Sunday evening that has me staying up too late again, just blogging. that blog feeling.
  • cool weather in general; this means sweaters and lattes and quickly approaching that season when I’m always underdressed. but for this brief period of in-between when a light jacket will suffice, I swoon.
  • Mark Merling. no particular reason.