10/1-2, weekend the first: Binky in TC


my parents are jetsetters who fly to Canada for a weekend and leave their cat with me in my leetle room in nova.

this weekend of catsitting was just another reminder of how I’m not ready to be unselfish enough with my time to deserve a pet. Binky made his home in all the small corners of my room and I periodically checked in on him between my weekend activities, always feeling bad that he was spending so much time alone.

he’s a funny little one — at home, overloved, he’s the snootiest, leave-me-alone-est cat you can find; but with me, left with only me to love on him for those few hours I sprinkled in throughout the weekend, he was desperate for attention and snuggles. poor guy.

by the time mompops were back to pick him back up, he had already changed allegiances and decided that I was his favorite human — had slightly forgotten that mom was his favorite. fickle, fickle creature. there’s a lot of me I see in this cat.