11/22/16: thankfulness list

  • my move this past weekend, which went as smoothly as I could have hoped for! 1.5 hours of carrying, loading, unloading, and then a gratitude lunch break at Joonghwawon, my fave Annandale spot, and then cleaning and organizing for the rest of the day. and by evening, I was all moved in, cozy and pleasantly surprised. many thanks to all who helped carry and load and unload and then figuratively held my hands as I indecisively wavered about where to place what. so many thanks… ❤
  • kindness accountability partner; she allows me to think strategically and ask real questions and even helps me type out into little chat boxes rehearsal words to shape the direction of my career in those sneaky little ways that make all the difference in the world. hee hoo hahhh
  • Mr. SS, my workplace fairy godfather, who texts me little dancing emojis and checks in on me with cryptic little “SUP?!”s over the radiowaves.
  • language mentors who take time out of their busy, fire-putting-out weeks to chat with me about Thanksgiving food in my Korean life, about the economy in Venezuela, about cartoony propaganda in China. what even is my life. why am I so lucky.
  • growth of friendships at work where I can comfortably laff about mustaches and gender confusion and inquire about Thanksgiving plans and Trump opinions and home/yard renovation projects with true feeling.
  • having people to check in on. having people to be checked in on by.
  • the feeling of not being totally inadequate at my job, just one year in. volunteering for extra things. offering to help others. laughing appropriately at the work-related jokes because I actually get them now. time flyyys.
  • excitement for a short week and plans for a deecee date day before traveling down to Cville with a bag of flamin hot cheetos in tow, home for the holidays.
  • flamin hot cheetos.
  • new roommates who reside above with a Dogue who greets me at the door when I leave early in the morn and come home in the eve. I have yet to assert my humanly dominance over him so he tries to herd me like a sheep sometimes but we’re getting there.
  • new roommates who reside above and are open-handed and open-hearted with all their things. they’re inspiring to me.
  • a church home where I can learn and be open about struggly things and be fed delicious snacks, like all the time. where mentors are meeting me in my places of lack and where friends reach out to help fill those falling-through cracks of life.
  • best boyfriend ever, who holds my hands through silly struggles and real ones. who encourages me to bow my head in prayer, in penance, in hope for a promise. who keeps thinking of date ideas. who steadfastly loves me well, inspires me to love back well. blrhhhhha. with whom I am growing, togetherly.
  • this internet, which works so well, by which I have regained the use of my desk cause the wifi ACTUALLY reaches my room and all its corners. what a wonder.
  • God’s sovereignty which IS despite my faith and despite my situation and despite my desire to believe in it.
  • and for these moments to remember to be thankful.