Sunday, 6/26/16: how to

take care of a Madison:

-keep snacks handy
-don’t let her miss meals (but remember her stomach size)
-back hugs are an effective remedy for the inexplicable grumpies, especially when you know she’s already feeling stupid about being grumpy
-remind her to write more, cause it helps with remembery
-don’t yell; she’s happy to discuss
-no violence
-help her to be gracious to others, esp. in the a arena of cooking and hosting
-leave secret post-it notes for her to find later
-no stubborn close-mindedness
-challenge her to explain herself better and in concrete terms; she’s not very good at this (yet)
-let her be an optimist; be open to the idea that her optimism might be right
-give her assurance that you are capable and responsible enough to take care of yourself and your things
-listen carefully to her questions and respond thoughtfully