Monday, 6/27/16: jinyaramen + no coffee

She laughs like literally no one is listening, tells stories with big facial expressions and hand motions, forges her own path without discouragements because “GOD PUT ME HERE.”

I ask her probing questions (they don’t faze her) in an innocent voice and imagine hypothetical arguments I could have with her about playing nice with others, for the sake of peace and mutual understanding.

But at the end of it all, what I come to is: “God, give me a little bit of that spunk, too. That energy, that enthusiasm, and excitement in obedience to you. Just a sliver of her vast overflow.”

other notes from a rare free Monday:

  • hours are easy to pass when you’re catching up on laundry and blogging.
  • Pho Hoang in Centreville is pretty good. and cheap. but bring cash for transactions under $10.
  • it is official: Park n’ Shop is my favorite bubble tea place. oh wait…but the one with the nice man in Eden Center is good too… okay, top 2.
  • I ran 8 miles today, at a snail’s pace.
  • notes to self: register for Fairfax County libraries (the Centreville one has a WHOLE KOREAN SECTION), read Seoul Food and offer edits, pursue friendships by remembering who you enjoy and just keep spending time with them, be where you are — without the should’s and without the self-consciousness.