week of 7/25/16: meals and ketchups

Sunday, 7/24/16: Indian food + a conversation about giving people a chance even if they put up offensive stuff on their dumb social media outlets..
Sunday, 7/24/16: pies for dinner. savoring the remnants of Room in our eyes and our hearts.
Tuesday, 7/26/16: uncertainty over dosas and certainty over gelato. what did we even talk about? oh, hair, idioms, the subjunctive. among other things, I’m sure.
Saturday, 7/30/16: the best dang Korean food + congrats and good wishes for the next chapter. and honesty about non-okayness and good advice on what to do when you’re feeling non-okay. promises of another date, cause book exchange has yet to happen.
Sunday, 7/31/16: r e f r e s h m e n t via conversation and those delicious juices we just wanted to try every flavor of. quick-but-thorough catching up on life and love and what not to put in your smoothies.