Tuesday, 7/5/16: Things I wanted to tell you today, day 1.

  • I thought of (and consequently, thought of you while) making that PRO-CON list about New York this weekend and ultimately decided in favor, although visually, the CON list is way longer. I am a little bit feeling not up to it, but I wanna go. I am reluctant to spend the money, but I wanna see P & S and just be travelbuddies with M & S.
  • I ran really (relatively) fast today. I think I ran 3ish miles under 30ish minutes, OUTSIDE NOT ON A TREADMILL. You can now sigh/pat me on the head. It felt like death, though. I haven’t felt like that in a while…maybe since actual cross country in high school. The humidity and heat were killer and I thought of throwing up multiple times, but never did get there — just melodramatic, you know.
  • Also related to running today: I forgot my sports bra and ran *gasp* braless like the shameless, flat-chested girl I am. But apparently not flat-chested enough, cause I think I understand now what you mean about nipple chafeage. Weird and interesting.
  • I had dinner with my dad today and asked him what he talks about with mom. (He was up here for his dentist appointment.) The answers went like this, in reverse chronological order of life stages: Binky. Us children. And before both things, not much else. But apparently they only dated for six months before getting engaged! And apparently that was normal. And apparently they only went on like 20 dates in the span of those six months. And he just knew. Somehow, it didn’t sound that romantic 😛
  • Tina from the party texted me about meeting up with her mentor, I think about Amway. I told her thank you but no thank you. She is sweet.
  • I did some laundry today cause I felt like washing my towels and bathroom matts. During which time I mistakenly thought that Clarisse wasn’t home and made a sizeable fart. Afterwards, as it was getting darker, I realized that her light was on and she was hiding in her room all along. I wanted to burst into her room and shake her for being so sneaky but didn’t. I wonder how many times she has accidentally been privy to my bodily functions in similar situations. Egad.