Thursday, 7/7/16: the bawling asian baby

Today on my way to small group I drove past that Asian (Japanese? Dunno why, just a feeling) family of dad and two kiddos that I always see at the pool — me from behind the window at the gym, uhcourse.
Anyway, I was on my way out of Post and happened to drive past them, I guess they were on their way home from the pool.
So many feelings in that small group. The dad, impassive (and unironically longhaired) as always. The littler girl, running behind, jolly with water cup in hand. But the one who really caught my eye was the elder, bawl bawl bawling her eyes out in front of the pack, leading them homeward.
Why was she crying? …Is not what I wondered. What popped into my head, actually, was that she was really cute in her bawliness, even though she really wasn’t. As in, objectively, I think she is just an okay-looking human — and that the crying wasn’t “cute” just because it was being done by an objectively beautiful human. But she was just cute. In her normalcy. In her overwhelming emotion.
And then I thought — it would sort of be okay to have a child you probably thought was super cute and lovely, even if she/he were just objectively normal looking. It must be an incredible thing to love such a normal being with such extraordinary love.