12/10: “wonderful double date night. I wouldn’t change a thing.”


after a whole bunch of wandering around Georgetown to look at the rando lights installations spotting the streets around the canal neighborhood, the four of us popped into an Irish pub after much hemming and hawing over our late-night food options.

there, we found the cutest little resto-bar with the tastiest lamp poutine (!!) and a conversation that swelled between whiskey and personality types, a romantic engagement story and a fumbly one, and advice re: the first year of marriage that inevitably follows the engagement and the all-consuming wedding [planning]. it was surprisingly frank and surprisingly affirming.

and then, on the car ride back, Mark was like “but that EXCISE TAX THO” and ruined the little romance cloud I was floating on, as he does sometimes. but then he fixed it, patched it up with those sneaky little ways of his, as he does mostimes.