12/1-11: a week and two weekends of the socialization flux.

there’s definitely a pattern here — the wave of social activity followed by weeks of solitude, which then give way to another list of ppl to see, with lists of stories to catch them up on. (and get caught up on!)

balancing this is a special kind of struggle for me, apparently, because it’s hard for me to socialize when I’m — as bratty as this sounds — just not feelin’ it. and vice versa. tis hard for me to say no when I’m really feelin’ that wave. so here I go again, launching into another wave-y season of the daily hangouts, the weekly skype sessions, the exhausting and journal-cravey time of oversocialization. wavey cravey; whoosh and whoosh.

here’s to two more weeks of craziness, which will deflate, a lil, with the close of Christmas. but until then, more wedding planning and advice seeking and spending time with peeps and not trying to worry our silly little heads about the guest list expanding inadvertently. just live as you would, you silly goose.