week of 8/1/16: meals and ketchups

Monday, 8/1/16: WOW, annandale soondubu and a certain annandale basement have caught the glint of my eye. talking about marriage and dating and what it’s been like to navigate the in-betweens.
Tuesday, 8/2/16: kimbap + movies on a wet lawn out in Georgetown somewheres. bidding a Jinnamin good, good luck on the first day of school and getting all wrecked by Into the Wild. (happiness only real when shared.)
Wednesday, 8/3/16: sullungtang + “and then what happened?” cause he is a baeksu free spirit, traveling the world (the richmond and the wildwood), bringing me stories from out there.
Saturday, 8/6/16: a brunch of pop rocks over waffle and pasta cause CARBOLOAD. meeting new friends for the excuse of catching up with an old one. happy bday wishes and relative navigations.
Sunday, 8/7/16: pho for these true blue koreans!