Wednesday, 8/17/16: a great day

dear diary,

I had a great day today.

  • a pleasantly busy morning that kinda turned into a crazy kind of busy afternoon, winding winding winding up to kind of a stressball at the end, saved by an officefriend who asks about Korean rice cakes and easy-breezily offers to take on my messy loose ends.
  • getting back into routines of pushing myself out of my comfort zone — meeting up with language mentors and going to Korean class and tasting the sweet of bittersweet goodbyes. it feels like the end, but I’m sure I’ll run into her in the halls ALL the time now, now that we’ve dramatically parted ways with sweet thank yous and life notes shared. “it was a complete treat,” she said, and that warms my heart to NO end.
  • a surprise chocolate chip cookie from a new friend who had come over to the cube just kind of to say hello and put a face to the name, I spose. she is capable and kind, which is kind of the best kind of combination in a work collaborator. also, surprise chocolate chip cookie offered with a “do you like chocolate chip cookies” — how can you say anything but “um, YES!” to that?
  • thank yous for a job (not so) well done, but because the effort is appreciated. it’s appreciated.
  • semi-impromptu dinner with j-knee where it felt awkward and rush-y at first because I was coming from a flustered little afternoon and unable to focus on any one thing: the cheesy mushroom, her face, the people whose back chubs I kept elbowing as we all shared that teeny mall bench, our conversation. of friendships, of relationships, of nova. but feeling much more in-of-sorts outside, bubble tea in hand, walking and talking honestly and openly. of that mysterious Tysonsoasis, of the cute and extremely dorky antics of boys, of church discipline and a beautiful, real-life example of how that works. [“so here’s something I haven’t told anyone besides bdg:”]
  • the “OG plan” of tea and some shilla bbang and confessions about weird feelings between good friends and wonderings about why those might be. and pointing to the maps and wanting to go places. and consolations and encouragements and “you gotta pray more”s and just, honesty about who we are and what it is we want. and also deciding not to think about uncomfortable things. (that’s a form of honesty, too, weirdly.) in the midst of a storm storm storming outside. lightning and thunder abound.
“aren’t highways crazy?” “YAH EVERYTHING IS CRAZY!!”
~ ambiance! ~