Thursday, 8/4/16: “good night!” at 4pm

just something I want to remember:

this afternoon, as she left, Jen stopped by my cube (as she tends to do from time to time) and said to me the sweetest “good night” I have ever heard.

yeah it’s 4 pm but I’ve gotten accustomed to these late-afternoon night wishes I guess, and this one was so sweet. I wonder what is (or was) on her mind to make her smile that way and use that voice. the exclamation point was definitely there, but just a light little touch. the tittle quivering in the air; no harsh staccato.

was she just tired? excited to go home? maybe that special combination of the two when you’re tired-excited so it comes out really content and sigh-in-a-nice-way calm.

I dunno, but I just wanted to memorialize that.

“good night!”