Thursday, 8/18/16: gloroh the gem. so, so gem.

She’s doing SO well and is SO happy and even squealed to show it to me. But not to show it to me. I really think it was just a little squeeze that spurted out, a little gogurt burst of joy. It was like Christmas in August, and I am SO thrilled to watch her be her new and confident self.

She’s loving her work and loving her place in life and loving the lessons from failure — that it’s not her, and that’s it’s okay to not be perfect — because it’s so totally freeing, if you’re open, if you’re wise, enough take it that way.

She says she’s refreshed and energized and wanting to Start Something, what a gem.

She’s doing so good and I am so proud of her. It makes my heart so full. Thank you, Lord, for your good gifts.

Note to self: Be generous with Gloria. Be kind and generous.

Note number two to self: Stay friends with Gloria; you will remind and help each other to continue to be romantic-realists.

We are going to do book swaps and suggest good movies to one another and keep thinking about thotz worthy of the brain space:

  • Between the World and Me
  • That one Indian-Canadian poet[ess] who writes about trauma and love and life
  • The Lobster
  • Poverty, Inc.
  • Letters to a Young Poet