this is where I come to record Life Themes with the benefit of hindsight bias, and the sometimes-convenient mind-construct of college semesters.

  • 2018-19: community. #buildingacommune
  • 2016-17: grace for yoself and yo stories. that rom-com blueprint of what a romance is supposed to look like? get it out of your head! cause every romance, every relationship, every wedding, and every…marriage — apparently — looks as DIFFERENT as the persons living it out. and different is different. not necessarily good or bad.
  • 2016: expectation management. friendships and other ships. and how, apparently, I am not alone in the insecurities.
  • winter 2015-16: trust. seriously. & adulting is hard but it’s gon’ be okay.
  • fall 2015: Good, Good Father (despite my sadnesses, struggles, fears, discouragements…perceptions. you don’t get to be the one saving people, so don’t be so disappointed when the prayers feel “futile” to you.)
  • summer 2015: serve God, serve His people: this is not like putting in a service token into the soda machine of grace, but more like…opening up your life (and heart and soul) for his grace to flow into you through that sacrifice. service to community, to family, to church.
  • 2014-15: community. it is crucial and it is good. sometimes kind of embarrassing also, but that’s kind of the point. stop trying to hide from it. whatislove?
  • summer 2014: “certainty in the uncertainty” and growth in the pain (growing pains!)
  • spring 2014: “INHERENT.” understanding leads to love.
  • fall 2013: your power is made perfect in my weakness. and ohhhhh how weak I am.
  • spring 2013: be where you are.
  • fall 2012: root-finding.
  • summer 2012: [yeosu expo] despite all the pushy, all the angry, all the sad, frustrating, :O of this life, ultimately what I come back to is : I am so, so thankful.
  • spring 2012: balance, balance, balance.
  • fall 2011: do not despair.

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