x____x [insert blue screen of death here]

I wish I could blog, but my computer is so, so ded. Assortment of things I wish I could blog-think about:

  • grammatical tidbits and general word-geekery, rhapsodizing about independent clauses and adjoining commas
  • friendships and how it feels like they’re shifting — and how my backlog of blog-thinking has caused a shift (a growth?) in my own thinking about the subject. 
  • about that metaphor of the house being like a friendship with its little bricks, and also
  • about small talk and big talk and how I think both are important now — another shift in thinking, another addition to the house:friendship metaphor
  • wedding planning and how it’s surprisingly easy and smooth and unstressful, and just what it’s kinda been like — just to record these things and think about them and not let these lil moments pass me by
  • about how much I’m loving living with J&Q. and D. best housemates ever. 
  • New Year’s resolutions! and the lack thereof. and what that means! another shift? who even am I?
  • of love and family and Christmas and the lasts of everything — and how that means the firsts of everything. and the overlap of those two things. these chapters are not as neat as the word “chapters” would indicate. 
  • about how I’m loving the word “lil” these days and how I’m loving the lil asian smileys with the underscore mouths. @__@ and o_____o and all those bewildered faces. 

late-night, year-beginning thoughts of a ladisonmee, thumb-scribbled from a lil phone that’s dinky in its own right, in cahoots with the laptop, probably.  


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