life and death

Sunday, 10 April 2016, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Pastor Greg Thompson

“The Purpose of Resurrection” 1 Cor. 15:20-28

  • the reign of death in this world is not natural. not as the world was designed to be
    • humans were made for life
    • sin corrupted the system
    • Jesus was raised to overturn this kingdom of continual death (decay, entropy)
  • Christ’s resurrection was the first action of the rest of our resurrection
    • what was accomplished by Jesus will be applied to you and to all things
  • the reign of life
    • the kingdom of life as God intended
    • do you know that God intends life for you, for your neighbors, for the world?
      • though, indeed, he does allow so much death to reign
    • the resurrection is hope to be applied to all things
  • all humans long to escape death; long, instead, for the spring of life
    • we long for goodness, beauty, hope
    • the resurrection tells us: “these longings are not in vain. you are not stupid for yearning for these things. what you long for is what you’re supposed to.”
      • so continue to cultivate these longings
      • be encouraged in your labor for life, in the labor against all that brings death in this world, for the longing for more LIFE
    • in Christ, all things will be raised with him
    • these longings will be vindicated
  • we make our way in this world with a purpose — to establish the kingdom of life, to destroy the kingdom of death
    • whatever you do: in your labor as a teacher of young minds (cultivating new knowledge and growth of wisdom), in your labor as an artist (creating new beauty and expression), in your labor as a sanitation worker (putting the world to order and dispelling the chaos of our mess!)…labor with the purpose of furthering the kingdom of life, firmly planted in your mind. there is purpose greater than you can see, smell, taste.

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