accountability hurts sometimes, but only when it’s working.

accountability is supposed to make you cringe a little bit, but only at the way your sins are being revealed — not because your accountability person is so harsh or evil (note to self: don’t be such a wallower).

accountability leads to repentance (by this I mean: concerted efforts –> a “turn from ____” kind of change).

accountability might end up with both soft-hearted people holding on for dear life, saying “sorry!” and “no it’s okay! thank you!” and agreeing that it’s good but not without its flinchy “ow”s, like working out and having your shoulders hurt cause those darn muscles are smol, so smol. or your pecs. either/or.

ah. wow. thank you.

and this well-timed email link is eerily appropriate for this post, minus the nude leotards and disregarding the jarring fact that apparently JoJo is still alive and kickin’:


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