my very own weekend reads: 7 aug 2015

so CFA Institute has this weekly blog update series called “weekend reads” where, every Friday, an author goes through an overview of lots of different relevant topics of the week and lists a load of links — kinda like a link haul. my favorite part of these posts is where the authors really go crazy and have a free-for-all section, where they get away from the daily humdrum of the finance and the numbers and the current events that are so…Monday through Thursday 😉

and this week’s perusal of the “and now for something completely different” section brought me in touch with a lot of different articles to browse on this rainy Friday afternoon. some instructive, some inspiring, some just plain interesting (hehe plain-interesting).

so here’s a little link haul of my own — mostly cause I want to keep them somewhere, documented and remembered, and bookmarking or sharing via little old emails just seemed like too much. and also not enough, at the same time:

but for the moment, happy Friday!


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