dream record: 12/5/14

we were all in France, somehow, and traveling on a local bus. I was amazed by how much French I could understand and converse in (amazed by the fact that everyone was speaking in such simple sentences), but I guess since my brain was drawing up the dream it could only use the French it actually knew. somebody was asking about what my mom and I were doing in Lyon, and j’ai repondu, “je viens de finir un semestre d’echange, ici a Lyon” throwing in “la”s and “ouais” like it was nobody’s business. upon waking up, I question the choice of “finir” over “completer.” or  maybe neither is right. we were coming back from some beach, and there was a Korean child, standing by us, who had seemingly been adopted by two French (male?) parents, but hadn’t learned French yet. she stood there quietly for the whole ride until the very end, when she turned and asked the passenger riding next to her, quietly but deliberately, “Do you sing?” in Korean.


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