“great timing”

I think if there’s one phrase to describe your time here so far, I think it would have to be “great timing.”

From hiring to training to the way that random projects and uh, Other Life Things have popped up — this has been a journey of truly providential timing and the cushiest of postgrad-life-lessons.There have been so many “almosts” and “woahs” and “what ifs” in my life for the past few months, it’s insane and feels big-picturely orchestrated in a way clearer than life feels most of the time. I know God is working, all the time, but that some of the time, he lets us glimpse more clearly how he’s doing it. And these post-school few months have been an AWEsome demonstration of that, if nothing else.

From almost being whisked away to Madison, Wisconsin, a week or two from that last-minute interview for this position I had applied for…three months back,

to the boringly detailed, work-related saga of the project and product influx that streamed in, so timely, during the first titillating months of training and learning,

to the romancing and the Japan-ing and all these combinations of things I honestly NEVER imagined would be combination-ed in my life, wow,

to all the ends that are loose, still, but continue to be orchestrated in those mysterious but ultimately comforting ways in which the Father works, always.

Always! Always.

Praise GOd for uncertainties — and the courage to cling to the certainty in the uncertainties. Indeed, indeed.


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