things I am excited about:

  • developing the mind-folders of what every new iteration of each work email thread means, where it comes from, where it should go, how it should be handled, how many emoticons I can use in reply to it (ZEROOO IT’S ALWAYS ZERO, STOPP), which little outlook folder it should be tucked away into.
  • all the highlighted To Do’s in my planner for the next few weeks; all the meal dates and catch-up dates and otherwise dates.
  • learning to Learn From One Another — pulling out all the stops. metaphors. intense imagery. sadnesses and their counterpart happinesses [rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep rom 12:15]
  • all the Whole New Worlds — college sports (just watching…), throwing things that scare me, hiking and hand-holding, doubling the friend bubbles.
  • finally knowing where to find everything in my own kitchen. and also, where oh wherrrrrrre is my deodorant?
  • having people over when the weather is cool, the ac does not blaze, the windows have been sealed and soundproofed so we can speak to one another in WHISPERS if we wanted to, and still hear our thoughts above the roar of JPA traffic.

all the things!!


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