falling in love, 1791-1803

Much to Yankel’s dismay, Brod insisted on cutting that thick black hair herself.

It’s not ladylike, he said. You look like a little boy when it’s so short.

Don’t be a fool, she told him.

But doesn’t it bother you?

Of course it bothers me when you’re a fool.

Your hair, he said.

I think it’s very pretty.

Can it be pretty if no one thinks it’s pretty?

I think it’s pretty.

If you’re the only one?

That’s pretty pretty.

And what about the boys? Don’t you want them to think you’re pretty?

I wouldn’t want a boy to think I was pretty unless he was the kind of boy who thought I was pretty. 

I think it’s pretty, he said. I think it’s very beautiful.

Say it again and I’ll grow it long.

I know, he laughed, kissing her forehead as he pinched her ears between his fingers.

Everything is Illuminated, Jonathan Safran Foer, p. 76


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