Interview Tips for the Shivering Recent Grad (and tangentials)

– if you don’t know what you’re doing and want your college experience to help you figure out your life, go to a small liberal arts one that will put you in intimate settings and personal relationships with people who have bigger ideas than you. the big places have the big opportunities, but if you don’t know what you’re supposed to taking advantage of, they’ll be missed

– if you end up going to a big college anyways, make personal connections wherever you can. take part in things that inspire you, and don’t be afraid to be in awe of awesome people because that’s the first step to learning stuff for yourself. make your big college a smaller experience for you; compose your own communities and safety nets and expansive networks, too

– go abroad.

– don’t stress out so much your final year. you may or may not get acid reflux problems and COME ON you’re only a 20-something

– prepare for phone interviews by researching online. literally the whole wide world of information is at your green little fingertips. take advantage and write things down and come up with answers that you believe in on your best day; that you wish for on your worst.

– interviewing is a practice-able skill. you will feel inadequate and underqualified for almost everything, and this feeling is mostly accurate. unless you have staked out a career or an ultimate dream or that ever-elusive “long-term plans” every recruiter seems to ask about, you will feel too vague and too general and too pointless — too everything but employable, because very often, the Reason why you feel like you’re passionate about sales is Mostly and Honestly because you just need a job. but this, too, shall pass. you is kind you is smart you is important. if you don’t believe in that sentence, get to work at making it true.


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